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ADDICT CLOTHES installment customization service is now available! !

by May club 01 Mar 2018 0 Comments

Orders will be accepted from now until 3/15, and can be paid in six monthly installments in cash, or directly divided into six installments with a Yushan Bank credit card! After the payment is paid in August, the goods are expected to arrive in September, making a handsome debut in autumn and winter!

Currently, we are the only one in the world that provides customized services for ADDICT CLOTHES. You can choose from leather color, lining, sleeve length, etc. Even our store in Japan does not have such a service! And our pricing is synchronized with Japan. Even if you fly to Japan to buy it, the price is almost the same, and you can’t even customize it and install it in installments!

After 3/15, we will consider no longer accepting orders, so please take the time to order! If you have any questions, please come to the store to inquire, and you are also welcome to join our Facebook group Addict Clothes New Vintage Taiwan ! There will be irregular activities and the latest information~

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