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May club year-end shopping bags are on sale! !

by May club 09 Feb 2018 0 Comments

MAY CLUB has a rare three-day break during the Chinese New Year this year, so we are here to play something we have never done before, so that everyone can celebrate the New Year happily. MAY CLUB shopping bags will be officially on sale when the store opens on Saturday.

There are only twenty packages in total, and the amounts are divided into two types: 8,800 yuan and 16,800 yuan (cash transactions, card payments are additional):

The 8,800 yuan shopping bag contains products priced around 18,000 to 23,000 yuan, numbered 10 to 20, totaling eleven packages.
The 16,800 yuan shopping bag contains products priced at about 32,000 to 49,000 yuan, numbered 1 to 9, totaling nine bags.

There are three sizes: S, M, and L. They will be available in both stores tomorrow, first come first to win! To be honest, I have just finished packaging. I feel that it is super cool to buy any package. Of course, there are big and small surprises to test your luck. Please come and grab them⚡️😎✌️

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