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May club limited time coupons are officially launched!!

by May club 14 Jan 2018 0 Comments

During the five-day period from 1/15 (Monday) to 1/19 (Friday), as long as you spend 5,000 yuan or more, you can get a coupon (2 for 10,000 yuan, and so on). The coupons for this event are limited to 50 open đŸ”„

50% off five cards
40% off ten sheets
30% off fifteen sheets
20% off twenty cards

Coupons will be available from 1/21 (Sunday) to 1/ 25 (Thursday) Used during these five days, it can be applied to all current items in the store (except 1948JXX and vintage clothing), up to 50% off, there will be a prize if there is a draw, there are only 50 places âšĄïž

PS During the lottery period, it is regarded as normal consumption. You can use other personal discounts and pay off the reservation. Products can still be included in consumption; however, coupons cannot be combined during redemption and use. For other discounts, the coupons can only be used on spot goods in the store and will be settled in cash. If not If you use it within this five-day period, you must wait until it is reopened next time. The time is unknown.

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