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May club’s new Taichung store will hold an opening event on 7/31 (this Sunday)!

by May club 28 Jul 2016 0 Comments

Taichung Sandaime Store will present to you the brand new Fashion x Motorcycle Culture flagship store. We have a spacious and comfortable shopping environment. Whether you are an owner of any American or British retro car series or a friend who simply loves this style, as long as you like The best quality Japanese clothing brand, we sincerely welcome you to come and have fun on the day ~

The event time is ⚡2pm to 10pm⚡ . There will be exquisite refreshments and a lively barbecue party (note 1). There will also be photographers taking photos with the new store for friends who came here specially (note 2). Please Let’s relax and have fun~ 😁

Address: 🏁No. 103 , Section 4, Huanzhong Road, Nantun District, Taichung City🏁 (Note 3)


Note 1: The barbecue party 🍢 will be held depending on the weather. If you happen to come without barbecue, there will be refreshments, please enjoy!

Note 2: We will try our best to take photos for friends who come here on the day. Especially if there are riders who come with their bikes, you are also welcome to take photos with our big store📷 . We will also develop the photos and paste them into a photo wall. Looking forward to it Come and reminisce again (laughs)
To avoid confusion on the day, we will inform you in advance that we will unify the store into three different time periods: "13:00-14:00", "17:00-18:00", and "21:00-22:00". There will be clear space in front of you to take photos. Please cooperate with us in moving your car. Basically, there are two large open spaces on the left and right and a row of parking spaces on the roadside. There is definitely enough space for parking🙇

Note 3: Friends who have any transportation problems can refer to the map below to arrive.

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