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BAD QUENTIN Brand Introduction

by May club 09 Oct 2016 0 Comments

BAD QUENTIN, the brand introduced by May club this year, has become very popular in the Japanese knight circle with its distinctive and unique style. It has not only received wide response in various magazines, but also appeared on the cover of UP-SWEEP Vol.32 magazine! The next issue of the UP-SWEEP character interview also arranged an introduction by BAD QUENTIN manager Nosaka Yasumoto.

Mr. Nosaka, who loves American culture, has been deeply interested in vintage clothing since middle school. For him, vintage clothing is a tool that connects modern times with the past! As he later fell in love with the motorcycle culture, Mr. Nosaka combined these two preferences, and the brand design of BAD QUENTIN also leaned more towards the old American style!

However, it is different from the American retro style that is common in other brands. Mr. Nosaka, who loves outdoor activities, likes the knight culture and values ​​​​with a touch of old American and Western culture, and of course also incorporates the unique local ethnic style!

Collaborating with the 150-year-old American hat brand STETSON to create gentleman's hats, Western shirts and belts, Mexican blanket totems, and the 1950s Rider Jaceket, etc. There is no unique style category, but it can harmoniously and clearly show that BAD QUENTIN is different from other riders. The unique spirit of the brand!

Mr. Nosaka himself owns a Shovel Head from the 1970s. He often rides his bike with the famous Japanese shoe repair shop Fukuro Shou and other friends to enjoy the fun of riding, and goes camping and fishing outdoors to find inspiration for clothing.

Just like the BAD QUENTIN brand narrative "ONE LIFE CLOTHING", it emphasizes that you only have one life, devote everything to achieve what you love, and leave no regrets!

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