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May club seasonal discounts are now available! !

by May club 17 Feb 2020 0 Comments

Before the arrival of the spring and summer single products, this time for West Ride, the off-season products are fully discounted for 20% off for one item, 30% off for two items, and 40% off for three or more items ‼ ️If you purchase or reserve other items in our store, and purchase WR out-of-season items, the seasonal discount will be increased! You can enjoy 30% off when you purchase one additional item, and 40% off when you purchase two or more additional items!

In addition, we also have the lowest add-on price of 50% off for three pieces ( Only for official website orders and checkout ) This is to encourage friends to use the official website for shopping, so our official website also synchronizes activities and gives the best discounts!

Looking at each season's catalog, which is as rich as a magazine, it is not difficult to find that West Ride has a quite complete product line! Excluding the regular items that are replenished every season (such as goatskin series and regular trousers) and the new spring and summer items that have just arrived, if the items you like are in the same size, buy them now! If you move too slowly, the good stuff will be snatched away~

In the cold weather, buy high-quality products made in Japan, wear warm clothes after buying, and then use the saved money to treat yourself to a big meal. Don’t miss such a good deal! 😆

Event time: from now until 2/29

Shopping in the off-season merchandise area:

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