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Breaking news! ADDICT CLOTHES deerskin is open for customization!

by May club 04 Jan 2020 0 Comments

In the past, Addict Clothes has only released deerskin limited leather jackets twice, namely AD-01, AD-02 and the second time AD-03 and AD-10. This can be said to be a special project in the ten years since the brand was founded. Customized production of all deerskin styles!

Deer leather is known as the cashmere in the leather industry. Addict Clothes develops self-tanned deer leather. It is thick but super soft and light. Friends who have come in contact with it before must be amazed. It is as comfortable as wearing a cotton jacket.

The unique and beautiful leather texture of deerskin is completely different from tea-core sheepskin and fine horsehide. It has a fashionable and luxurious high-end feel. For this reason, black is also chosen for the zipper cloth.

Ten years later, whether you missed the sale of limited edition leather jackets or want other deerskin styles, this is a good opportunity you must seize! If you have any questions, please come to the store directly for confirmation.

Customized price: the same as the price of various horse hides. Order receiving date: from now until 1/19 (Sunday)

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