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by May club 16 Dec 2015 0 Comments

Addict Clothes AD-KN-01

100% WOOL, excellent warmth retention, spliced ​​with tea-core sheepskin of the same color, reinforced with rhombus stitching, and the sweater has an obvious weave pattern. It is similar to many vintage sweaters with good texture. It is light, soft and highly elastic, and is a popular choice among many nowadays. Something you can’t find on cheap woolen sweaters! The moderate thickness and short length make it neatly fitted and handsome when worn alone. It is more suitable to be worn with a knight's jacket, without looking bloated and exposing a large part of the clothes.

Since the shoulders are spliced ​​with leather, there are no obvious shoulder lines. If you like a fit or a loose feel when worn with a shirt, you can find a suitable size. You can even fold the cuffs to adjust the sleeve length and it will look great! The perfect fusion of British clothing and knight style, it is extremely suitable for whether you are a knight or not!

Available in black, blue and red colors in the store, priced at NT$10,800

Welcome to the store to experience the good texture of high-quality Japanese-made "New Vintage"!

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