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by May club 16 Dec 2015 0 Comments

Addict Clothes AD-03 is the last of the three British knight leather jackets we introduced this time. It comes from the British Double Riders Jacket style in the 1970s. Many knight brands or design brands have launched similar styles, integrating the Lancer Fronted Jacket from the 1960s. The asymmetrical pocket design and one piece of leather on the back make the leather jacket slanted while maintaining a simple and neat feel, which is its biggest feature.

The picture above shows the use of tea core sheep leather, and the picture below shows the use of horse leather. You can see the presentation of different visual effects. The key point is that they are both comfortable.

Alex Turner, the lead singer of the modern British super heavyweight rock band Arctic Monkeys, owns a lot of British antique leather jackets. However, after buying Addict Clothes AD-01 in 2011, he ordered AD-02 in 2013, and he has performed on many major stages. During performances and MV shootings, Addict leather jackets are almost always used for exposure. I completely agree that Addict Clothes are the most suitable antique leather jackets and are more in line with modern wearing needs! Many celebrities such as Japan's top stylist Noguchi Tsuyoshi choose to use and recommend Addict Clothes. It comes from the Japanese people's research and persistence in vintage and old-fashioned products. Looking at the world, almost no one can match it. Mr. Ishijima, the manager of Addict Clothes, has done it Thousands of British antique jackets, through rich experience and top Japanese clothing technology resources, are more suitable for Vintage styles. The original hardware zippers full of old-fashioned flavor are the Addict Clothes New Vintage originals developed through continuous research. The leather is used, and after wearing it for a period of time, it will look like an antique leather jacket, which is deeply fascinating.

It can be boldly said that this is absolutely unmatched by today's British leather jackets. As long as you wear it and experience it in person, you will fully understand the "New Vintage" product production concept promised by Addict Clothes. The top Japanese-made British leather jackets , subverting your stereotype of today’s British leather jackets as having a waist that is too narrow to buckle or raise hands, a leather that is too hard and the shoulders to protrude, etc. It is handsome but uncomfortable!

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