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by May club 12 Dec 2015 0 Comments

Originating from the evolution of the bomber jacket, it was not until the mid-1960s to the 1970s that the title of Single Rider Jacket was officially established; the straight pull is paired with double diagonal pockets, and the neat shape brings a more calm and simple look compared to the strong style of the Double Jacket. visual sense.

Addict Clothes AD-01 CENTER ZIP JACKET retains the beautiful retro appearance, and the design is precisely fine-tuned with details. The form of the collar alone has been modified many times, and the metal hardware is also originally developed with a vintage flavor, which I am most proud of. It is the original leather specially developed by Addict Clothes New Vintage and the tailoring that is more in line with the needs of modern people; there will be no waist that is too narrow to buckle or lift your hands, leather that is too hard and shoulders that are too protruding, etc. You are not satisfied with the handsome British leather jacket. Uncomfortable stereotypes.

Tsuyoshi Noguchi is the most famous stylist in the Japanese entertainment industry and Takuya Kimura's personal stylist. He has the best fashion acumen in Japan, and his vision of clothing is definitely beyond the high standards of ordinary people. I also choose to wear the AD-01 CENTER ZIP JACKET, which was recommended in the men's leather section of the magazine. I also admire Addict Clothes manager Ishijima's high professionalism in vintage leather clothing, which is closest to the leather feel of antique leather clothing, and has improved tailoring. The optimized version of Addict Clothes has a high rating in all aspects. There is absolutely no doubt about it!

The modern British super heavyweight rock band Arctic Monkeys has won numerous important music awards, such as "Best British Album" and "Best British Group" at the Brit Awards, and won the 49th Grammy Awards. Nominated for two American Awards, it also holds the record for the highest-selling debut album in British music history.

The band members visited Addict Clothes many years ago when they performed in Japan. At that time, the store only sold British antique jackets and British antique cars. With the professional knowledge of leather clothing of the owner Ishijima, they were able to work with fellow leather clothing lovers. We had a good conversation with lead singer Alex Turner and became familiar with him.

Two days before the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL on July 28, 2011, Arctic Monkeys visited the store again. They were extremely impressed by the Addict Clothes New Vintage leather jacket that had already launched its own product line at that time. take away AD-01 CENTER ZIP JACKET , and performed on the stage on July 30. In the video that day, you can see the handsome appearance of lead singer Alex Turner wearing a new leather jacket and brushing his guitar. The soft leather does not need to be tamed at all, and it will definitely make you understand the handsome appearance. The original shape can also be combined with comfortable mobility!

After returning to China, Addict Clothes manager Ishijima also received a letter from Alex himself, saying that he was extremely satisfied with the Addict Clothes leather jacket and wore it almost every day. He also recommended that his musician friend Miles Kane also ordered the same style of AD- in different colors. 01 CENTER ZIP JACKET.

Alex Turner himself collects and wears antique British leather jackets, but since then, he has been wearing AD-01 for major stage performances, MV shootings, etc., and he completely agrees that Addict Clothes is the leather jacket that best suits his needs. What is even more exciting is the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. The beautiful pomp made Addict Clothes leather jackets shine even more in front of the media around the world!

Returning to the most original leather jacket that emphasizes the wearing experience, there is no need for flashy logos. Just look at the charming luster and texture wrinkles of the specially developed original vegetable tanned leather in the photo to understand the New Vintage charm that Addict Clothes insists on! The picture in the picture is just the result of Alex Turner's use for about a year, and people will be more excited about it in the future.

Currently, the May Club store offers soft and uniquely lustrous horse leather and retro and charming tea-core sheep leather. It is definitely different from the British leather clothing you generally know. Welcome to the store for appreciation.

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