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Addict Clothes New Vintage Brand Introduction

by May club 11 Dec 2015 0 Comments

May club recently introduced Addict Clothes, a very popular Japanese knight brand. "New Vintage" is the name of its clothing product line. This quite contradictory word is the core of the product concept promised by Addict Clothes; the retro beauty of Vintage is Just as leather jackets or boots have developed a unique personality over time, the dull and uniform products of modern mass producers cannot directly move consumers. Addict Clothes is committed to pursuing and emphasizing the wearing experience brought by true Vintage. .

The manager, Mr. Ishijima, has handled thousands of antique leather jackets, heard and understood the demands of users, and integrated the best materials, the highest quality and the best details into the styles required by modern needs; when you wear it , Wearing Addict Clothes' leather jackets and boots, you will be able to discover the charm that best suits Vintage.

In order to bring the ideal old-fashioned leather feel closer, we endlessly repeated the tanning and dyeing process with Japanese leather masters to develop Addict Clothes New Vintage original leather. Whether it is sheepskin, cowhide, or horsehide, it is soft and comfortable. Below, different special dyeings have excellent leather performance, and there are also undyed tea core tanned leather options that are even more attractive:




In addition to being a well-known expert in the collection of British antique jackets, the owner, Mr. Ishijima, is also amazing in the world of selling and collecting antique cars. He has numerous dream cars such as Triumph, Norton, and New Imperial from 1920's to 1970's. , a store that combines antique cars and clothing is a great innovation in Tokyo.

Because of his own love for motorcycles, he pays more attention to the comfort required for riding in the design of clothing. In addition to the appearance of antique British jackets, the excellent tailoring is what Addict Clothes is full of praise for. It has a handsome style, impeccable details and materials, and an excellent comfortable wearing experience. In addition to reports and recommendations from major magazines and media, it has also been featured by celebrities such as Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex and Kimura's royal stylist Noguchi Tsuyoshi. Use them one after another. ( AD-01 CENTER ZIP JACKET )

Addict Clothes transforms its own experience of using it to achieve a more charming British leather jacket. May club has taken the lead in introducing three styles of knight leather jackets, which will be introduced in detail in the future. Welcome to the store to learn about the top Japanese-made British leather jackets.

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