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by May club 21 Nov 2015 0 Comments

The WEST RIDE white pants that friends have been asking about have finally arrived. This CYCLE SICK WORK PANTS is actually a regular version of WR, so it can be seen worn by BOSS, ministers, and store clerks on many occasions. It also makes people deeply fascinated by white pants. The latest autumn and winter version has been renamed CYCLE THICK WORK PANTS, and some details have been adjusted. The main change is that the fabric itself is made of Japanese No. 9 paraffin-processed waterproof canvas. It is not a thick fabric, but the wax on the surface provides the basic stiffness and stiffness of the pants. It is waterproof, wear-resistant and not easy to get stained, which is another new innovation of WEST RIDE!

It feels stiff but not stiff when worn, and is actually quite comfortable. Due to the characteristics of wax, the crotch, knees, and trouser legs have quite obvious wrinkles, which is very on point! (If you want to reduce creases, you can iron them at low temperature through a layer of fabric.) You can imagine that after a period of use, they will definitely become a more fashionable pair of pants!

Black fabric is specially used on the edges of each pocket that are often rubbed, which creates a strong contrast and makes it more difficult to get dirty!

The paraffin-processed fabric will be stiffer in winter and slightly softer in summer. Loose but good-looking pants can be paired with boots. They are perfect as work pants, knight attire, or general outings!

BIKER will definitely be stained with oil due to long-term riding and use, and the overall smell will be richer and more handsome!

A popular item that is highly inquired about. It is now in stock and you are welcome to try it on. It will be available in the online store soon!

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