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WEST RIDE various hat styles are now available! !

by May club 19 Nov 2015 0 Comments


Made of double-layer fabric, it is more upright than other brands of fisherman hats, and is quite flattering on Asian heads.
The double-layer fabric can be worn on both sides. The camouflage side is paired with military green, and the black and white checkered side is paired with black. When the outfit is relatively simple, you can wear it with camouflage or classic black and white checks, and use the characteristics of the hat as the focus of the overall look. When wearing clothing with higher color, you can pair it with military green or black to increase the integrity of the look without taking away from the style of the clothing. Buy one and get two, so worth it!

Price: 2,500 yuan, available in camouflage stripes and classic black and white checkered styles!


The soft material is easy to carry, and the inner circumference of the hat is sewn with elastic band material, which can slightly fix the hat on the head without being too restrictive and causing discomfort; it comes with a detachable adjustment rope, if you are worried about the strong wind blowing the hat away, you can Use the adjustment rope to fix it; when the adjustment rope is not needed, it can be removed and transformed into a fisherman's hat with a larger brim; or the adjustment rope can be shortened and fixed from the front upward to the back of the head, so that the edges of the hat on both sides are rolled up to create a denim look. The style is great too! The large brim can modify the shape of your face and is perfect for styling or outdoor activities!

Price: 2900 yuan, you can choose from camouflage stripes or WABASHI!


The hat body is composed of eight pieces. The wide hat body can cover the entire head and modify the relatively flat shape of the back of Asian heads. It has a retro feel when worn as a work hat. The angle of the hat can also be adjusted freely and worn diagonally. The playfulness on it is also great!
Using embroidery to create a dye-out visual effect on thick cotton, the fabric presentation is quite special!

Price: 2500 yuan, black WABASHI is specially presented!


The cotton material is washed and then made into a knitted wool hat. It is very comfortable and warm to wear. The hat body is of moderate length and the top can be worn for a slightly loose and casual feel. After repeated testing, the hat body is not easily deformed due to cleaning! There are three colors: black, orange, and green, with black label and white label. A variety of choices, allowing you to easily enjoy different matching styles!

Price: 2,100 yuan, three colors with black and white labels, five styles to choose from in the store!

The online store will be available soon, welcome to come to the store first to choose~

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