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WEST RIDE 15F/W STAR GLOVE corduroy heavy jacket

by May club 14 Nov 2015 0 Comments

WEST RIDE 15F/W STAR GLOVE JKT, the new autumn and winter style, is derived from the appearance of the knight leather jacket produced by the old American leather jacket brand STAR GLOVE in the 1940s. STAR GLOVE also produces CHP leather jackets for the American highway police in the contemporary era. It is also another old American leather jacket brand LANGLITZ. The appearance of the leather jacket that was referenced at the beginning of the business can be said to be one of the earliest prototypes of knight leather jackets laid by STAR GLOVE in the United States. It is so classic that it is worth owning! It is worth mentioning that WEST RIDE American leather jackets are derived from the appearance of CHP police leather jackets, which will be introduced later ~

Made of corduroy instead of leather, it uses a double-layered fabric specially developed by WEST RIDE in Japan. In addition to being windproof and warm, the texture and weight are also first-class. It is not inferior to leather at all but presents a different taste!

Wear a white top, jeans, mesh hat and sneakers, and finally put on a STAR GLOVE corduroy jacket to easily bring out the American retro flavor of young people.

The shorter hem also lengthens the body proportions, which is very flattering to the Asian figure. The colors of the khaki pants and the STAR GLOVE corduroy jacket are also quite coordinated. The fisherman hat adds to the overall look and presents a simple American casual feel~

The color changes of the corduroy cloth under the sunlight are the most charming, and the large chain-car embroidery fonts handmade by local Japanese craftsmen on the back are impeccable and on point whether you look at it from a distance or up close! Many details, hardware fasteners and sewing methods are very good, which comes from WEST RIDE’s careful presentation of products.

In stock in store, price: NT 15,300, online store will be available soon

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