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TROPHY CLOTHING autumn and winter heavy artillery goods ROUND UP HORSEHIDE JACKET horsehide leather jacket

by May club 13 Nov 2015 0 Comments

Trophy Clothing's most representative product this fall and winter, ROUND UP HORSEHIDE JACKET, uses the 1930s sports jacket as a model, and incorporates many VINTAGE details. It is paired with TROPHY's charming version. It looks neat and handsome when worn. It uses high-grade tea core horsehide. I believe it will become more charming after wearing it for a while!

A very easy-to-match straight-pull leather jacket. The diagonal pockets on both sides of the front are very stylish. The pleated design on the back comes from the classic Block Bilt leather jacket of the 1930s. The appearance is impeccable! More attention is paid to the details. The use of corduroy on the back of the neck and inside the pockets not only improves the texture, but also adds to the comfort of use.

The use of hardware and fasteners is excellent, and the details presented in the discounted areas of the collar, cuffs, and hem all show the effort that TROPHY, who has always been very demanding in workmanship, put into this leather jacket. The plaid lining improves comfort and comfort. It is warm and has a large piece of horsehide lining on the chest to enhance the stiffness and make people feel TROPHY. I care about even the smallest details that I can’t see.

The moderately thick tea core horsehide leather has a very charming texture. I believe that after using it for a period of time, the overall wrinkles and color changes will be very charming! Paired with many old leather jacket details, the whole piece will definitely have a certain degree of old-fashioned flavor!

In stock in store, price: NT 54,880. It will be available in the online store soon. Welcome to visit the store for appreciation!

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