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BOR WORK SHIRTS work shirt & full stripe AL ARMY NEL SHIRTS

by May club 30 Oct 2015 0 Comments

BOR WORK SHIRTS, which have been extremely popular since their release in the autumn and winter of 2011, are once again launching this new series in the autumn and winter of 2015. Using 100% thick cotton material developed by WEST RIDE, the weight, texture and comfort are all top-notch. At first glance, the fabric looks like a zigzag pattern, but up close, it looks like it is made up of many lightning bolts, which is quite special.

The AL ARMY NEL SHIRTS full-striped shirt introduced earlier is also made of thick cotton material developed by WEST RIDE. It is interwoven with special warp and weft yarns to create a layered feel. It is handsome and has excellent warmth and texture. It is outstanding!

In stock in store, online store will be available soon, sizes are out of stock, please come to the store first ^^

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