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WEST RIDE 15F/W three-quarter sleeves & long sleeves THERMAL thermal series suitable for inner wear

by May club 29 Oct 2015 0 Comments

WEST RIDE 15F/W The latest THERMAL thermal series uses the famous WAFFLE weave cotton. The special fabric surface and structure can effectively retain body temperature and are elastic, warm and comfortable. It is matched with handsome pictures drawn by KNUCKLE , suitable for wearing alone or layered! Three-quarter sleeves and long sleeves have different patterns, and each comes in two colors, so there are four styles in total.

The pattern of the three-quarter sleeves is a design that symbolizes the BIKER imagery of the 1960s. The front shows a girl straddling a Chopper with wings "Put Something Exciting Between Your Legs", and the back shows the devil's wings "I've Been Thru Hell On My Chopper". It is already a very popular pattern in spring and summer.

The pattern of the long-sleeved style is also a famous work of KNUCKLE . It is inspired by the theme image of the 1930s and is designed to connect Biker's Motorcycle piston and cylinder. It has a male (piston) chasing a female (cylinder) with the slogan "Not Without Love Juice", which is also quite humorous

Four styles are in stock in the store and will be available in the online store soon. Come and choose your best friend to keep warm this winter!

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