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UP-SWEEP Magazine Vol.41

by May club 19 Oct 2017 0 Comments

This issue of UP-SWEEP magazine (November 2017 issue) has arrived in stores. The cover is none other than WEST RIDE’s BIG BOSS Nakai, and the back cover is WEST RIDE’s theme for this season, A PLACE IN THE SUN.

The content includes a lengthy interview with BOSS. He combines his love for cars with his work, devotes his energy and is happy to work. Many of the best-selling single product designs are also from him. He is not only well-known in Niigata, but also has a wide influence in Japan. senior!

CxTxM has also been featured in many magazines, been invited to participate in events and launched joint products with stores. He is also a very popular industry figure, and the same is true in Taiwan~

In addition, this issue of UP-SWEEP also has many products related to our agent brands. Friends who are interested can come directly to the store to chat. You are also welcome to buy books!

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