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FREE BIKER Magazine Vol.42

by May club 22 Mar 2016 0 Comments

The latest issue of FREE BIKER magazine is also the first time the Taipei store has been exposed to a large extent. The gold foil characters on our windows and the magazine cover font are both from Taiwanese artist Kingson Artworks .

May club and ken GUARANTEED + co-branded belts are also exposed in large areas. Currently, there are only a few in stock, which can be purchased directly online ❐ ~

At the event in early March, several friends from the Japanese circle came. In addition to bringing a lot of good products, they also had some exchanges with some friends in Taiwan. We will continue to promote this kind of knight culture in the future! Not just selling products! Thanks also to FREE BIKER magazine for its strong coverage^^

We also introduced a lot of WEST RIDE spring and summer new styles, some of which have been sold out or are close to being sold out. Friends who like them are welcome to contact us directly!

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