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CLUB HARLEY Magazine Vol.187

by May club 16 Feb 2016 0 Comments

The latest issue of CLUB HARLEY, of course, involves the exposure of some knight clothing; the best choice for many Japanese Harley riders in winter, WEST RIDE from Niigata, the snowy country, brings you top-notch knight clothing that is both handsome and warm!

Among them, this ARMY VEST all-leather model launched in autumn and winter with wool mixed with alpaca, warm and reversible, we have not introduced it, but we have a military dense woven version designed by MASATO in the store. If you need a full leather style, please come to the store to discuss. There are also many other full leather styles in the store~

By the way, MASATO is coming to Taiwan in early March. Since his stay is short, we are still discussing whether to hold events and other matters. Friends who like him, please pay attention to our news!

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