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Lightning Magazine Vol. 259

by May club 25 Oct 2015 0 Comments

This issue of Lightning takes TOKYO MOTORCYCLE SCENE as the theme. Of course, it also includes the first-line British leather clothing brand recommended by major magazines. It has high-quality use, first-class pattern workmanship, and top-notch Japanese-made ADDICT CLOTHES NEW VINTAGE.

A large double-page introduction to the Addict Clothes store, in which works such as "NORTON DUKE" and "WORKS SCRAPPER II" by the famous British artist Conrad Leach are also displayed in the store. The original one is reproduced in a limited edition of 100, which is worth collecting!

Yesterday, many friends in Taipei were very interested. They were very satisfied with the texture of the actual product and the actual wearing effect. They could wear it for driving on the first day. They laughed and said that they never thought that such a handsome leather jacket could be so easy to wear! We are satisfied when we see our friends who have purchased happy^^

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