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UP-SWEEP Magazine Vol.30

by May club 01 Nov 2015 0 Comments

UP-SWEEP can be said to be a must-read magazine in Japan that focuses on BIKER clothing. This issue directly features the SHOW CLASS MAGAZINE team on the cover. They are the protagonists of WEST RIDE's trip to the birthplace of Milwaukee Harley in the United States to shoot the catalog. And here One issue also comes with the WEST RIDE 2015 Autumn and Winter catalog.

Through the content, I also learned more about this SHOW CLASS MAGAZINE team, which is quite famous in the United States. They are very handsome wearing WEST RIDE's new autumn and winter products in THE BIKERS DAILY STYLE. It also makes people feel that WR attaches great importance to promoting American culture.

Many new WEST RIDE autumn and winter products revealed

Also introduced to BIKER stores at several WEST RIDE distribution points in Japan

MASATO and Toyo co-branded embroidered jacket

RUMBLING ART SHOW Several artists who are very friendly with WEST RIDE can see their designs on WR items. The last cover also announces the upcoming opening of WEST RIDE's new Tokyo store.

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