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STAY HOME, STAY HEALTH official website shopping 95% off

by May club 26 May 2021 0 Comments

Recently, in order to reduce the chance of the virus spreading, many companies have adopted mechanisms such as working from home or splitting work hours, and students have also suspended classes and switched to distance learning. Dear friends, you are bored at home. Do you want to go out for shopping but worry about increasing the risk of infection? Or maybe spending 24 hours with your children gives you a splitting headache, soaring blood pressure, and need some spiritual comfort?

MAY CLUB will continue to introduce new products and put them on the shelves during this period. From now on, we will also provide a 5% discount for shopping on the official website, and free shipping for a single purchase of 3,000 yuan or more. We encourage everyone to buy good products without going out. We are looking cool during the epidemic prevention period. Fall behind!

Event period: from now until 6/8 (Tue)
Discount code: STAYHOME
(Enter the code at checkout and the system will automatically discount the price)

During the event, both Taichung and Taipei stores will adopt a reservation system. If you want to visit the store, please send a private message to make a reservation the day before. Only one group of customers will be accepted at the same time. Future business hours will be adjusted according to the situation and announced on the fan page. Customers are also requested Friends, continue to pay attention.

No. 103, Section 4, Huanzhong Road, Nantun District, Taichung City

1F, No. 7, Lane 24, Lane 325, Jianjian Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

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