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Master Knuckle’s artistic charm and activity introduction

by clubMay 15 May 2024 0 Comments

After we posted Master Knuckle's hand-painted artwork, many fans expressed great love for the different style than airbrushing.

In fact, Knuckle-san is not only a friendly and cute artist in everyone's eyes, he is also a passionate knight who loves to wear leather clothes and ride around on old-fashioned Triumph motorcycles. When we chat with him in the studio about motorcycles and leather jackets, there’s always a twinkle in his eye.

Due to Knuckle-san’s chivalry, MAY CLUB plans to launch a joint leather jacket with Master Knuckle on its 13th anniversary next year after launching a joint leather jacket with CxTxM on its 8th anniversary. Although this joint item is too late to meet everyone on its 12th anniversary this year, we have specially linked it through the hand-painted ONE OFF on the leather jacket.

Event Details

Master Knuckle will bring 12 hand-painted paintings this time. These paintings include frames. The designs on the paintings can also be hand-painted by Knuckle on the leather clothing or spray-painted on the drawing board. This means that the purchase is not just a painting, but a repaint of the work!

As shown in the first picture, this unique leather jacket ONE OFF is very eye-catching whether it is hung on the wall or worn out! Design works that are exclusive to you and are highly recognizable!

Since all 12 designs are unique, they will be available for purchase in the following order:

  1. Before May 17th : Those who purchase ready-made leather jackets in the May club store can have priority to select one of the 12 designs, which will be hand-painted on the leather jacket in 1-shot.
  2. May 17th and May 18th (Taipei venue) : Those who have purchased leather jackets from May club and have consumption records, please bring the leather jacket to the Taipei venue event to select a design, and 1-shot hand-painting will be done on the leather jacket. superior.
  3. May 19th and May 20th (Taipei Field) : Works not selected in the Taipei Field will be available for purchase on-site at the Taipei Field, and the designs will be spray-painted on the drawing board with Air Brush.


  1. This event is only open to 12 customers who purchase paintings to make reservations for inkjet printing and hand-painting, and no other places are provided.
  2. In addition to drawing the design on leather clothing or spray-painting on a drawing board, customers who purchase paintings can provide an additional reservation if they want to purchase more spray-painted designs or 1-shot hand-painting.
  3. 1-shot painting takes a long time. Except for a few works that Master Knuckle judges can be completed on the spot, please leave the items you want to hand-paint and we will assist with subsequent round-trip shipping.
  4. Due to the limited time of the event, customers at later events may be overwhelmed by the rush to make reservations. If they are unable to complete the work on site, they will also need to leave the items behind and we will assist in shipping them.

(Only 5 paintings will be announced today. For 12 complete designs, please contact us to choose when purchasing leather jackets, or purchase directly at the event)

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