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Japanese craftsman-level tannery ATELIER CHERRY brand introduction

by May club 19 Oct 2018 0 Comments


Mr. Mizuno, the owner of ATELIER CHERRY, was deeply attracted by leather products when he was in middle school, and he determined to become the king of leather in his early 20s. Although it sounds a bit incredible, he did have great confidence at the time. When he was young, Mr. Mizuno originally wanted to enter a leather workshop in Tokyo as an apprentice, but was rejected because the workshop did not accept apprentices. However, the other party said, "You can become a leatherworker yourself." Such words also struck a chord with Mizuno. Mr.'s leather making journey.

(photo via Bentenkozou )

Mr. Mizuno founded CHERRY Workshop at the age of 23, and it has been more than 25 years since then. The original workshop was set up in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Later, in order to focus more on the production of leather goods and return to his hometown, the workshop was moved to the mountains and fields of Kamakura. Because he is a veteran Harley rider, Mr. Mizuno's works were spread by word of mouth among riders. The first thing that attracted attention was the customized leather seats for handmade bikes, and his fine craftsmanship became famous far and wide!

His most representative item is the wallet named 13, whose outline is like the number 13. Inspired by a certain trip to the United States, I originally wanted to explore new knowledge in leather production, but spent three months and found nothing. The number 13, which is not very pleasing to Westerners, has become a classic representative item of CHERRY! Compared with square wallets, the arc-shaped lower end is less likely to scratch the back pockets of pants, and the hole design of the leather edges is inspired by carved boots! Let 13 this series of wallets be more original and recognizable!


Although saddle leather was mostly used to make various leather items in the early days, over the past 20 years, various leather customization options have been gradually added. CHERRY is famous for its meticulous craftsmanship, not only in major magazines such as FREE & EASY, HOT BIKE, UP-SWEEP You can see his works and many exclusive interviews and introductions! Even the leather goods of many celebrities or the customization of famous handmade car seat cushions are all handled by CHERRY!

Whether you are a knight or not, CHERRY's meticulous craftsmanship will impress you!

More works will be introduced soon, and you are welcome to come to the store to discuss customization!

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