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Online store limited time offer! !

by May club 28 Jun 2016 0 Comments

It has been two weeks since we went to Japan to participate in an artist event organized by WEST RIDE. In the lucky draw held last month, the works of the four winners have been handed over to the lucky owners. We are all very happy! Many friends are asking when such a lottery will be held again. There is a chance (laughs)

The Taipei store will be closed for five days from 6/27 (Monday) to 7/1 (Friday) because the Taichung store is undergoing renovation work to create a space that can hold such events in the future. We will also directly invite these artists in the near future. Come to Taiwan! I'm sorry that you can't come to the store during these five days, but if you like the works of these artists or other agent brand products in our store, you can go to the official website to browse. During these five days, all shipping is free!

Not only that, the following discounts are also available for consumption on the official website during these five days:

  • Enjoy a 10% discount for purchases over RMB 5,000 in one purchase
  • Enjoy a 15% discount when you purchase over 10,000 yuan in one purchase
  • Enjoy a 20% discount for purchases over RMB 15,000 in one purchase

There are only five days, I hope everyone has fun shopping!

Some items are only sold in the Taipei store. Please wait until we open the store on Saturday. The Taichung store is currently expected to reopen in July, so wait for us! Thank you everyone for your continued support of May club^^

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