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Addict Clothes blue deerskin leather jacket customization is available for a limited time only! !

by May club 16 Jan 2021 0 Comments

Deerskin is known as the cashmere in the leather industry, and the deer leather tanned by Addict Clothes is thick, yet soft and comfortable, with top-notch texture! Following the previous launch of customized black and red deerskin, this time it is a special project of the three blue brothers Dark Blue, Vintage Blue and Turquoise Blue. Regarding the styles, costs, delivery times, etc. that everyone is concerned about, the following is also explained in detail:

  • Ordering period:
    From now until 1/31 (Sunday)
  • Selection of color:
    Dark Blue , Vintage Blue , Turquoise Blue
  • Style selection:
    The leather jacket product line has all styles (including two women's versions), and AD-01SS is also available for friends who love speed lines!
Type(click to open diagram) deerskin price Original configuration inside Replace the lining Increase or decrease sleeve length
AD-01W (female version) $52,000 Burgundy cotton If the original burgundy cotton is changed to black polyester fiber, or the black polyester fiber is changed to burgundy cotton, there will be an additional customization fee of $1,500. Can be added or removed by 8 cm for an additional fee of $3,000
AD-02W (female version) $55,000
AD-05 black polyester
AD-08 Burgundy cotton
AD-01SS (speed line) $56,500
AD-02 / AD-02L $58,000 Burgundy cotton
AD-03 / AD-03L
AD-06 (no fur collar)
AD-09 black polyester
AD-09B $61,000 Wool lining Not replaceable
AD-10 $70,000 Blue plaid lining

According to the Japanese pricing, the deerskin this time is 10,000 yen higher than the same style of horsehide, which converted into Taiwan dollars is about 3,000 yuan. The ordering period is only open until the end of this month. Since it has not yet reached February when we scheduled the price adjustment, we The old price will also be used as the basis, and 3,000 yuan will be added to the price of each style of horsehide as the custom price for deerskin.

  • payment method:
    Pay one-third as a deposit (if you need to pay by credit card in installments, you need to pay the full amount, please contact us via private message)
  • Customized delivery time:
    about five months

The deerskin is only open from time to time for a limited time. In addition, the old price before the increase is used as the basis for calculation this time. If deerskin is launched in the future, the customization fee will definitely increase a lot. Friends who love uniqueness must take advantage of it.

Dark Blue

Vintage Blue

Turquoise Blue

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