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Addict Clothes Leather Color Customization Change Announcement

by May club 12 Apr 2018 0 Comments

ADDICT CLOTHES Japan's autumn and winter exhibition ends today. I want to report to you that in the past, stores other than us that did not have customization services only have black sheepskin and black horsehide in stock this autumn and winter!

And we no longer accept full leather color customization services, we will only open them from now on ~
Horseskin: black, brown Sheepskin: black, dark blue, VINTAGE BLUE
That's right, there are only these five options left. Congratulations to the many friends who have ordered before, the leather jackets you have are now perfect! !

However, we have secured the final benefit. Before the end of this month, we can still order dark blue horsehide and green horsehide. If you like these two leather colors, please seize the last chance. I don’t know where the five fixed leather colors are. It may be canceled from time to time, please take care of it.

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