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ADDICT CLOTHES personal customization fee subsidy until the end of the year! !

by May club 08 Dec 2017 0 Comments

Have you worn out your ADDICT CLOTHES top British leather jacket today? Many friends can’t put it down after owning it, so they call it addictive leather jacket~

Today we are announcing two major pieces of news about customization:

First, in the past, the custom-made price increase, regardless of the choice of special leather, color, or lining, was an increase of 3,000 yuan. Starting from January next year, the price will be adjusted to 6,000 yuan. It’s not a price increase, but we are now absorbing half of the cost, and currently only MAY CLUB in the world can make custom orders. I hope everyone will cherish this benefit open to Taiwanese friends, so we will only absorb it until the end of the month. Friends who want to order please hurry up. Got it!

Second, during this trip to Japan, we saw new leather. In fact, sharp-eyed friends have discovered that the out-of-print cowhide has two beautiful white and caramel colors, and it has reappeared on sheepskin after many years! The new colors and deerskin have not yet been exposed in Japan, and we have also asked friends in Taiwan to order them again in advance. We also explained it in the Facebook community ( Welcome!

Currently, only Taiwan can order special leather colors, including the latest white and caramel sheepskin. Special orders are actually rarer than joint models such as DEUS, FULLCOUNT, and LIGHTNING; and because we will no longer absorb customization fees next month, please Seize the best time to order now!

Of course, we also have ready goods in the store that can be taken away directly. Welcome to come to the store to discuss 🙇

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