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by May club 08 Mar 2016 0 Comments

WEST RIDE Japan-made leather jacket OAK CANYON LEATHER JACKET. After the previous sale, we kept asking after it was sold out quickly. Black and brown colors are back in stock again! Made of goatskin that is both soft and tough, it is moderately thick and does not require a so-called taming period. The skin texture after years of use is even more charming! The collar is a Cossack Collar racing stand-up collar, and the zipper angle is between a straight pull and a diagonal pull leather jacket. The appearance is simple and neat, and the cut is quite flexible, making it handsome and comfortable to wear! Not only suitable for all styles of Riders, but also suitable for general street wear!

It is a beautiful product that is impeccable in terms of appearance, leather and details. There are not many leather jackets that are easy to wear and handsome. If you like it, please grab it!

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