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by May club 09 Feb 2016 0 Comments

On sale on the second day of the Lunar New Year (a few items were missing last night...)

WEST RIDE 2016SS The first new product in spring and summer. It was also sold out quickly in autumn and winter before. The style "HEAVY BORDER LONG SLEEVES TEE" that many friends asked about

Specially made cotton material is strong and elastic. It is a very popular WEST RIDE regular model. Many friends who have purchased it before immediately bought the new color. Once you wear it, you will know how good it is! Available in Taichung and Taipei, please come to the store as soon as possible!

In addition to the fixed colors of black and white and black and gray, there are also limited colors every season, such as black and red. It is limited to autumn and winter, and it is limited to spring and summer. There are two colors in the picture, very beautiful coffee and green and black. The quantity is also limited. If you missed it before, please grab it^^

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