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by May club 14 Jan 2016 0 Comments

Made of 14.75oz elastic left-hand twill denim, the lining is equipped with DuPont's unique non-woven technology ComforMax TM Premium, which uses fine denier fibers with excellent warmth retention and multi-layer film processing technology to bring high windproof performance With waterproof and breathable technical functional fabrics, it can still bring you a warm feeling even in cold and humid climates!

Coupled with the unique and exquisite seamless seam tailoring, the excellent mobility performance is as comfortable and burdenless as wearing cotton pants, and the reinforcement in multiple parts of the details not only makes the eyes more eye-catching, but also adds protection to the rider. ;Paired with RACING DOWN SERIES, you can definitely enjoy the comfort and pleasure of winter cycling!

Made in Japan

Price: NT$ 11,700 yuan

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