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by May club 28 Dec 2015 0 Comments

WEST RIDE One of the most representative down items in winter ALL NEW RACING DOWN VEST

The down itself uses the world-famous "White Diamond" grade Hungarian white goose down. Hungary has a continental climate with a large temperature difference between winter and summer. In such a climate, the 1-2 year old white goose used has a large volume, high softness and elasticity. , the highest warmth! Generally speaking, a down expansion coefficient of 500~600FP is high-quality down. The Hungarian white goose down used by WEST RIDE has an expansion coefficient of 800FP, which is very warm! Goose down is imported to Japan and then professionally processed, filled and sewn in China. Only a few craftsmen in Japan use high-tech manual work to replace machines, making the fullness of goose down even more perfect! (Usually, only 20 grams of goose down can be collected from each piece, and the down weight of a size M ALL NEW RACING DOWN JACKET is about 315 grams, so the price is relatively expensive)

The lining is made of wool blend (30% wool + 70% acrylic fiber), which is very soft and comfortable to the touch and the warmth is even higher! The knitted collar can block the intrusion of cold wind when the zipper is fully closed. There are many details such as double-open zippers, hem adjustment ropes, anti-slip tape on the back waist, chest pockets and inner pockets. The design is thoughtful and maintains the consistent style of WEST RIDE. Perfect

This piece is HORSEHIDE LEATHER MODEL, which is made of top-grade Japanese chrome-tanned horsehide. It has good ductility, high durability, and a great texture. Paired with down, it provides you with the best thermal insulation effect and visual feast in the cold winter! It is made entirely in Japan, with top quality materials inside and out. No wonder it is so popular in Japan. This winter we will also present to you such tight and top-notch works as WEST RIDE!

Functional fabric sells for 17,700 yuan

Japanese horsehide model sells for 45,600 yuan

Japanese deerskin model sells for 56,300 yuan

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