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May club x Urban Soul - Co-branded limited edition 5mm Italian fat full vegetable tanned saddle leather belt

by May club 26 Dec 2015 0 Comments

Although this joint limited edition belt uses Vintage Western Belt’s studded belt as the main axis, in consideration of some friends who like simplicity and elegance, we also provide plain and embossed belts as options, and are exposed for the first time with this special development. The belt head, the first attempt of double nail fixation, the first attempt of belt holes , plus the embossing and hot stamping of the unit logos of both parties, and most importantly, the selection of the same high quality but thicker 5mm Italian polyfat fully vegetable tanned saddle leather to present.

The following are the features:

  • Leather (Italian fat vegetable tanned leather)

May Club The 5mm Italian fat saddle leather feels quite solid. Leather with such a thickness is very difficult to obtain in European leather. In addition to being rare on the market, Ken Guaranteed + is only released and used in belt cooperation models. For those who simply love leather, please be sure to grab it no matter what!

This leather is tanned by extracting plant tannins through a complicated and time-consuming natural vegetable tanning technology. It does not contain heavy metals and other ingredients that are harmful to the human body. The leather's own luster and surface pore patterns are retained during the process. It is rich in oil and easy to grow. , the leather will be more shiny and shiny after about three months of use. Vegetable-tanned leather is usually stiff in texture, but due to the rich oils added during the production process of Italian fat leather, the stiffness of the leather is tempered. In addition, it is wear-resistant, has good breathability and is quite tough. It can be called A work of art in the leather world, the texture is unmatched by ordinary leather.

  • Belt head (brass buckle)

The original belt head used for the first time is specially newly developed and made of solid pure brass. It is inspired by the antique belts of the 1930s. To match the 45mm wide belt, the 6.5cm wide belt head is set, and the octagonal flat head shape is quite generous. Handsome, the specially designed thick needle stick makes the overall weight feel full! Whether it’s the rustic feel of a single needle or the domineering feel of a double needle, it can easily express the visual experience of vintage vintage products! The brass horseshoe-shaped girdle also implements Ken's consistent belief that all of its products are "based on harnesses and loyal to harnesses". Goldware including rivets, colored bead seats and other hardware are all made of brass.

※ The silver belt head is a silver-plated copper core. The belt head developed by Ken is of extremely high quality and will not fade easily.

  • Fixed end of belt head ( double buckle)

For the first time, the detachable double buckle fixation can provide a more stable effect than a single buckle. It is matched with a wedge-shaped design and a symmetrical belt tail shape, without the need for gorgeous stitching. Simple and low-key details highlight the focus of the belt. High-quality leather Texture and original rivet pattern

  • Belt hole (five holes)

Using Ken's signature small fish holes, thick needle rods can be easily passed through and fixed without damaging the leather. After discussion and modification, five-hole belt holes (equivalent to the development of a new mold) were used for the first time to replace the previous six-hole design. The shorter The belt adjustment range makes the front view of the belt more neat and handsome!

  • Logo hot stamping

The unique mountain-shaped LOGO of May club's own product line is gilded on the inside of the tail end of the belt, and matched with Urban Soul embossing to add texture! This is unique to plain and embossed styles

This collaboration is limited to 5mm Italian fat vegetable tanned leather. There are eight styles to choose from. The main colors are primary color, mahogany color, through-dyed black and tea core black plain leather, and are paired with embossed police basket weave. Pattern. The mahogany color is from Ken's collection and is extremely rare! The tea core black is a delicate dyeing treatment for the surface of the original color leather. The original leather will be revealed after friction. Similar to the original color leather, you can enjoy the fun of changes brought by leather cultivation. Each model has a quantity limit. Like it Please place your order as soon as possible:

  • Original color leather & brass double-needle belt pull (limited to 10 pieces)

( Click to view actual outfit pictures❏ )


  • Original color leather & police basket pattern & brass single needle belt head (limited to 10 pieces)

( Click to view actual outfit pictures❏ )


  • Through-dyed black leather & silver-plated single-needle belt pull (limited to 10 pieces)

( Click to view actual outfit pictures❏ )


  • Through-dyed black leather & police basket pattern & brass double-needle belt head (limited to 10 pieces)

( Click to view actual outfit pictures❏ )


  • Mahogany leather & brass single-needle belt pull (limited to 5 pieces)

( Click to view actual outfit pictures❏ )


  • Mahogany leather & police basket pattern & silver-plated double-needle belt head (limited to 5 pieces)

( Click to view actual outfit pictures❏ )


  • Tea core black leather & silver plated double needle belt head (limited to 10 pieces)

( Click to view actual outfit pictures❏ )


  • Tea core black leather & police basket pattern & brass single needle belt head (limited to 10 pieces)

( Click to view actual outfit pictures❏ )

When you order the May club x Urban Soul co-branded belt, we will also give you a mountain-shaped embossed brass plaque specially developed by May club with great texture. It also comes with a bead chain that can be used with the belt or as a keychain.

All styles are produced with special attention and are available in limited quantities!

Pre-order special price: NT$2,970 (original price NT$3,300), free shipping

Pre-order period: 2015/12/26 (Saturday) ~ 2016/1/10 (Sunday). Orders are open simultaneously in store and online.

Welcome to the Taichung store directly to learn about the customization details. From 12/30 to 1/4, the products will be moved to Taipei Travis for display.

For issues such as delivery time, order size, and color bead configuration, please see this article for order details☞

Foreign friends can directly fill in the form to order online☞

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