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WESTRIDE Classic Regular Edition WR201 Extra Heavyweight 21.75oz Left Twill Original Color Jeans

by May club 07 Dec 2015 0 Comments

WR201 combines the representative classic details of WRANGLER and LEE, two century-old jeans brands, and developed its own ultra-heavy 21.75oz left-hand denim. Compared with the common right-hand twill denim, the left-hand twill weave is more elastic. It is not too rigid, but also improves the mobility of riding; and it has a more unique color appearance. It is a very popular pants choice in Japan. If you search on the Internet, you can see the super charming and well-defined color pattern!

Made in Japan

Price: NT$ 8,500

Full size in stock in store, welcome to the store to try it on, it will be available in the online store soon!

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