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Trophy Clothing New Arrival - Indigo Blue Dyed Thermal Thermal Clothing

by May club 03 Nov 2015 0 Comments

Like West Ride, they all launch items made of Thermal thermal insulation materials; using the famous WAFFLE weaving method, the special honeycomb pattern fabric is extremely comfortable and elastic, and can also effectively retain the loss of body temperature, and has a very good thermal insulation effect!

The thick woven cotton material with obvious unevenness is treated with natural blue dyeing, so you can enjoy your unique color fading after wearing and washing.

When worn alone, it fits the skin and slims the figure, and is also suitable as an inner layer.

The threaded part is also matched with the same color indigo!

Full size available in store, price: NT 4,580

The online store will be available soon. Welcome to the store directly to choose your best friend to keep warm this winter!

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