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by May club 17 Aug 2015 0 Comments
Thank you for entering the official official website of May club. Our official website itself is an online store.
For those who are shopping for the first time, we encourage you to log in in the upper left corner to officially register as a member of the May club official website
After becoming a member, each personal consumption can be accumulated and calculated, and rewards will be given from time to time for consumption.
Sometimes discounts will be sent to the E-MAIL you logged in, or there will be discounts on birthdays, etc., so please be sure to fill in the details.
On the contrary, if the registration is not complete, you will lose your rights and interests, and you will not be able to trace back in the future. Please pay attention~
In the future, the latest information about May club will also be published in this News area first.
At present, each brand will launch new products one by one, and SunKu is currently the brand with the most complete number of products.
The West Ride is completely zero, but these will be uploaded and introduced slowly, please give us some more time.
From August 17th to 10pm on August 26th, this period of ten days in total is the trial operation period of the online store.
During the trial operation period, you can enjoy a 10% discount when you spend more than NTD 2,000 online.
This discount code is
Please fill in the discount field on the checkout page, and the system will automatically bring out the product discount, as shown below
After the trial operation period ends, that is when the official website is officially opened, this offer will end at the same time
There will be similar discounts in the future, remind you, the prerequisite is to register as a member first!
Thank you again for coming to May club official website, HAVE FUN~^^
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