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by May club 08 Aug 2015 0 Comments

The one on the right is a bracelet that Chooke made on-site at an event a while ago. Each one is One & Only, which fully demonstrates Chooke’s technology and experience. It’s a very on-point finished product! We picked up a total of three. The one in the picture has been picked up first, and there are also other collaboration models with THE, which have also been taken away to the last two. We will introduce them together tomorrow, and then come and see the charming charm of the actual products ~

The three-year anniversary bracelet has attracted quite a lot of attention during my recent trips abroad. This time I was asked about the brand when I went to Niigata. I thought it was very unique. Chookee said before that the idea was very special. I will also have the opportunity to talk to Chooke or other Japanese professionals in the future. Silversmith cooperation is also discussed this time! As always, this bracelet is just the beginning. Next, we will cooperate with different Taiwanese silversmiths and there will be different sparks. Please look forward to it^^

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