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【SUNKU】Peace & Love Series Silver Jewelry

by May club 11 Jul 2015 0 Comments

It combines diverse cultures from the 1950s to the 1970s, Indian handicrafts, accessories inspired by hippies, music and art, free creation, and integrated with modern essential ideas.

After the glass beading series, the silver jewelry series has also begun to appear. The hand-made Indian workmanship combines hippie style. The necklaces and flat bracelets of the Peace & Love series are priced at 6,780 yuan and 8,980 yuan respectively, which is quite on point. , ready in stock in the store~

Hippie style knocking plus SunKu’s 39

The bracelet is covered with special processing, and it will definitely be more charming after oxidation.

Peace & Love

There is also a mystery inside

The same style as the bracelet, the sun part is 18k gold

PEACE & LOVE and unique processing methods

The chain length can be adjusted to 45cm, or it can be hooked on the PEACE ring to 50c m, two lengths

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