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4th Anniversary Limited Edition Product - SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE

by May club 29 Apr 2016 0 Comments

The fourth anniversary limited product pre-order is now open. NAJA & SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE, jointly planned by us and Taiwanese silversmith 28, is the most classic representative jewelry among Indian silver jewelry, and also contains rich cultural meanings ☞ [ Indian NAVAJO Crescent NAJA Pomegranate Flower Necklace SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE

The whole part of the NAJA crescent moon is represented by the word M, and the bow and arrow logo and Taiwan Silversmith 28 are also printed on the back. Friends who have known us for a long time should know how much May club loves Indian silver jewelry, which represents the lucky crescent moon. May club hopes that Let every friend who buys it bring good luck!

In addition to the M hidden in the crescent moon, the pomegranate flower, which symbolizes harvest and hope, also has a mystery. You will understand if you see the actual product!

During the pre-order period, both the crescent moon and the pomegranate flower can be ordered separately to match your existing silver jewelry. After that, the configuration of the ready-made jewelry is not certain! Friends who are interested can contact us at the Taichung store this afternoon and the Taipei store on the weekend^^

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