Vendor: May club
Product Type: Ring / 戒指
Size: Ring #9






Size: Ring #9

往常我們的週年聯名單品皆為 May club 提出概念,CxTxM 繪制設計,BlackBoots 執行製作,由於 BlackBoots 主理人岩前先生在 2023 年離世,討論之後也決定今年度的聯名單品改由 May club 主理人小美操刀製作!將近四年前,因疫情而無法出國,讓一直以來喜愛銀飾的小美有時間開啟了金工之路,三年後才發售首樣單品 FukuMan 吊墜,而此次則是第二項單品!

小美本著對銀飾的喜愛,對墨西哥戒也十分感興趣,但常見的墨西哥戒多數較為厚重且外型極具存在感,如果不是銀飾品重度玩家,日常配戴可能稍嫌硬派與粗獷,在這個前提下與 CxTxM 討論,在兼顧墨西哥戒層次交疊質感的同時,更要縮小尺寸與重量感。

同樣熱愛銀飾且見識相當廣的 CxTxM 繪製的設計圖讓我們眼睛為之一亮,除了給我們看許多他收藏的特別墨西哥骷髏戒,更將他除了骷髏另一個代表性元素 Ironcross 鐵十字融入在中層,純銀戒台上特別將戒面另外獨立出來,以黃銅製作戒面底層,邊緣特別修出內凹線條,中層則是略具厚度的純銀再修出鐵十字,加上線條簡約的 18K 骷髏。整體從戒台到骷髏的四層用料分別為『銀 - 銅 - 銀 - 金』。兩側分別為 CxTxM(Cool Tattooing Masato) 與 MxCxT(May Club Taiwan)這個首次來台時為我們繪製的字型,小美特別做出立體浮雕質感,層次感相當豐富且完整。

如果有研究過墨西哥戒就會發現,雖然骷髏或酋長頭像都很常作為它的主視覺,但往往是帶有近百年前極具年代感與手工氛圍的線條,整體也極少走精緻細膩路線,本次雖然骷髏也刻意呈現較為簡約笨拙的視覺,但每一個骷髏都再經過小美細修,各有些許的差異。在這個時代,要透過高科技達到飾品的細膩度不難,但飾品的靈魂與精神也不能屏除,不管是鐵十字或是骷髏都可說是極具 CxTxM 的個人風格代表,層疊結合前都經過繁複的修改,結合工序如圖看出也是相當複雜,手工製作讓每個品項都不全然相同,也刻意將戒指內部挖空減少重量,同時更能提升其舒適度。每顆都獨一無二的樣貌,加上眾多細節的調整,十分推薦給銀飾愛好者每日配戴!


戒面與吊墜尺寸:約 20mm x 20mm

前段時間於 12 週年活動期間完成預訂的朋友,將在 6 月中旬前交付。本次開放訂購至 6 月底,將於 7 月底前交付。

Product delivery

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    1. Ordering and delivery: After completing the ordering process, the goods will be shipped within 1 to 3 days according to the order sequence, and can be delivered to the designated address 1 to 2 days after shipment. In case of out-of-stock, defective or other product conditions, we will contact you by phone or email.
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      ※ Free shipping discount: For a single order of NT$3,000 or more in Taiwan, you can enjoy free shipping discount.

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      Fill in the receipt information

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        ※ special attention items:

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        3. The consignee needs to pay attention to and comply with the import regulations and restrictions of the country/region where the goods are received. If there are any legal issues, the consignee will be solely responsible.


          【Taiwan Region】

          According to the Consumer Protection Law, you have a seven-day appreciation period (not a trial period) from the time the product arrives in your hands. During this period, if the product has not been opened, used, damaged, malfunctioned or caused by any other factors other than human defects, and except for the following circumstances, May Club will accept returns and exchanges.

          • Underwear: Due to personal hygiene issues, if the product has been opened, returns and exchanges will not be accepted.
          • Customized additional products: Unless they are inconsistent with the customized options, they cannot be returned or exchanged based on personal preferences.
          • Product description: The size data is for reference only. The error is about plus or minus 2cm. There are color differences on different computer screens. The actual color is subject to the actual product. Please read the product description carefully before purchasing. If there is any discrepancy with the product description, our company will reserve the right Right of return or exchange.

          Return/exchange method

          Please provide the following information and send it to , ​​and we will process it for you as soon as possible:

          Order number:
          Full name of orderer:
          Orderer's phone number:
          Reason description for return or exchange:

          Notes on returns/exchanges

          After receiving our reply and agreeing to return/exchange, please return the product to the complete appearance when it was delivered, and put it into the original box/bag together with the gift accessories to maintain your return/exchange status. Rights and interests, if the product is incomplete or damaged upon return due to improper packaging, we will not be able to process the return or exchange, please forgive me.

          • Exchange: When exchanging goods, our company will mainly use the order shipping address. If you modify the receiving information, address, etc., the freight will be different. Please understand that you need to bear the additional costs yourself.
          • Refund: After confirming that the return has been recovered correctly, a refund will be issued within 14 days. If you choose to pay by credit card, the refund will appear on the next month's bill. Note: The system or bank may deduct relevant handling fees.

          【Overseas areas】

          There is no exchange service for overseas orders, and there is no seven-day appreciation period. However, if you receive defective goods that do not meet the description, we will still accept and assist you in returning them. Please read the following return instructions:

          • Notify us: Please provide your order number, orderer's name, phone number and description of the reason for return within 7 days of receiving the product, and send it to, ​​and we will process it for you as soon as possible.・Ship by yourself: Please pack according to the return reply instructions within 7 days after receiving our return notification, and send it to the designated delivery address by yourself and at your own expense.
          • Packaging safety: When returning goods, please help to send them in a safe way. If we do not receive the goods you sent back, or if the returned goods are damaged or missing, your rights to return will be affected and will be treated as damaged. The necessary expenses for restoring the original appearance of the product will be deducted.
          • Product integrity: Returned products must be in brand new condition and fully packaged; please pay attention to maintaining the integrity of the product body, accessories, outer packaging boxes, and gifts.
          • Refund: After we receive your returned goods and check that they are correct, we will refund the money to you. The refunded money can appear on your next credit card statement, or you can directly call your card-issuing bank for confirmation.

          ※Please note that if the returned goods are incomplete, there is a shortfall in return freight, required duties, etc., we will also deduct the processing fees before refunding.

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