AD-01 Horsehide Center Zip Jacket - Dark Brown

Vendor: Addict Clothes
Product Type: Leather / leather jacket
Size: 34


AD-01 Horsehide Center Zip Jacket - Dark Brown - May club

AD-01 Horsehide Center Zip Jacket - Dark Brown


AD-01 Horsehide Center Zip Jacket - Dark Brown

Size: 34

This Single Riders Jacket is a masterpiece that the owner, Mr. Ishijima, developed and designed to best fit Vintage leather jackets after studying thousands of antique British leather jackets; the appearance is derived from the bomber jacket. The evolution of the bag, with straight pulls and double diagonal pockets, the elegant and neat shape brings a more calm and simple visual sense. Addict Clothes uses its rich collection experience and cutting-edge Japanese clothing technology to reproduce the pattern design and fine-tune the details of the tailoring (the form of the collar alone has been modified many times), so that it can meet the needs of classic vintage clothing and modern people. Strike the perfect balance.

Similarly, Made in Japan originally developed metal hardware fasteners, zippers, and even the color of the zipper cloth. They are all choices that are closer to the style of old British leather jackets after years of study. However, they are very good in terms of strength and wear and use. Excellent.

The most proud thing about the entire leather jacket is the original horse leather from Addict Clothes New Vintage; although horse leather is considered more common in American antique leather jackets, in fact horsehide British antique leather jackets were not uncommon before the 1960s, and were relatively In the United States, the horse leather of British antique leather jackets is softer and more comfortable. In order to bring the charming feeling of the ideal old-fashioned leather, Addict Clothes has endlessly studied and repeatedly tried the tanning and dyeing processes with Japanese leather masters, and developed a leather that not only has a textured gloss, but also has high toughness and soft touch. Horse leather, the fine texture will show natural and charming contrast over time.

It is paired with a burgundy burgundy diamond pattern sewn cotton lining on the inside to improve warmth, and the sleeves are lined with rayon, making it more convenient to put on and take off. At the same time, there is also an inner pocket on the left chest that can easily store valuable mobile phones, and the hot stamping logo is even more gorgeous.

Celebrities such as Alex, the lead singer of the British heavyweight rock band Arctic Monkeys, and Noguchi Tsuyoshi, Kimura Takuya's personal stylist, are collectors of British antique leather jackets. However, they all use and recommend Addict Clothes one after another, which shows that they all agree that Addict Clothes is the best choice. It is the closest to the wearing experience of antique leather clothing, and is the best choice in terms of comfort and fashion matching.

It can be boldly said that this is completely unmatched by today's British leather jackets. As long as you have worn it and experienced it, you will fully understand the "New Vintage" product production concept promised by Addict Clothes.

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SIZE 34 36 38 40 42
Shoulder width/cm 41 43 45 46 47
Chest width/cm 47 49 53 54 56
Clothes length/cm 64 65 68 69 69
Sleeve length/cm 59 61 62 63 64

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