Return and exchange procedures

Return/Exchange/Refund (Taiwan)

According to the Consumer Protection Law, you have a seven-day appreciation period (including holidays) from the time the product arrives in your hands. During this period, if the product has not been opened, used, damaged, malfunctioned or caused by any other factors other than human defects, and except for the following circumstances, May Club will accept returns and exchanges.

1. Underwear: Due to personal hygiene, if the product has been opened, returns and exchanges cannot be accepted. 2. Specially customized products: Except for inconsistencies with customized options, returns and exchanges are not allowed based on personal preferences. 3. Product description: Size data is for For reference, the error is about plus or minus 2cm, and there are color differences between different computer screens. The actual color is subject to the actual product. Please read the product description carefully before purchasing. If there is any discrepancy with the product description, the company reserves the right to return or exchange the product.

Return/exchange method

Please provide the following information and send it to , ​​and we will process it for you as soon as possible:

Order number Orderer's full name Orderer's phone call Reason for return or exchange

Notes on returns/exchanges

After receiving our reply and agreeing to return/exchange, please return the product to the complete appearance when it was delivered, and put it into the original box/bag together with the gift accessories to maintain your return/exchange status. Rights and interests, if the product is incomplete or damaged upon return due to improper packaging, we will not be able to process the return or exchange, please forgive me.

・Exchange: When exchanging goods, our company will focus on the shipping address of the order. If you modify the receiving information, address, etc., the shipping fee will be different. Please understand that you need to bear the additional costs yourself.

・Refund: After confirming that the return has been received correctly, a refund will be issued within 14 days. If you choose to pay by credit card, the refund will appear on the next month's bill. Note: The system or bank may deduct relevant handling fees.

International Shipping Returns/Refunds

There is no exchange service for overseas orders, and there is no seven-day appreciation period. However, if you receive defective goods that do not meet the description, we will still accept and assist you in returning them. Please read the following return instructions:

・Notify us: Please provide your order number, orderer's name, phone number and description of the reason for return within 7 days of receiving the product, and send it to , ​​and we will handle it for you as soon as possible.

・Ship by yourself: Please pack according to the return reply instructions within 7 days after receiving our return notification, and send it to the designated delivery address by yourself and at your own expense.
・Safe packaging: When returning goods, please assist in sending them in a safe way. If we do not receive the goods you sent back, or if the returned goods are damaged or missing, your rights to return will be affected and will be processed in accordance with the regulations. The degree of damage will be deducted from the cost necessary to restore the original appearance of the product.
・Product integrity: Returned products must be in brand new condition and have complete packaging; please pay attention to maintaining the integrity of the product body, accessories, outer packaging boxes, and gifts.
・Refund: After we receive your returned goods and check that they are correct, we will refund the money to you. The refunded money can appear on your next credit card statement, or you can directly call your card-issuing bank for confirmation. .

※Please note that if the returned goods are incomplete, there is a shortfall in return freight, required duties, etc., we will also deduct the processing fees before refunding.