Shark Fin Visor - Polished

NT$ 7,100
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Narrow glide 經典窄身的大燈頭罩,以優美的曲線及恰到好處的比例呈現的“鯊魚鰭”式樣,可以 800 元加購內版,將一些小型的儀表指示燈藏在內側以求更為乾淨簡潔的外觀!




Shark Fin Visor is the head light visor for narrow glide top bridge with 39 or 35mm front fork.

The genuine visor is the one of the icon parts in the narrow glide models. It has beautiful curves which have nicely combined sharpness and softness. We tried to keep these balance and put some spice to make our original shape of "Shark Fin".

The method of head light mount is suspended ,same as genuine. The optional plate could be installed to the inside to locate some small instruments, indicator, mini meter and so on.

2 bolts and washer comes with As accessories.
The center cap is not included.

"about optional Inner Plate"
Even If you don't have the inner plate, head light could be mounted. But you could see the backside of head light and wiring also in some cases. If you don't want to show them.we recommend the inner plate using as a cover.

There is no mounting hole for instruments. you need to drill it by yourself. Made of stainless steel, 4 screws are included. 

"If you use it on 35mm top bridge"
Depends on the position of fork top bolt, the visor may touch it. In that case, please turn the fork top bolt little bit.

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