Narrow Rise clamp Flat - Shoulder

NT$ 10,200  

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此冠座比原本再窄 50mm 寬,適合搭配 Fork 的窄手把以實現更為窄身的比例,並通過一體式的基座來提高剛性!

上夾具寬度僅 80mm,中心高度也是只有 80mm,其窄體也更能集中轉向力。


The top clamp width are 50mm narrower than genuine.
This clamp make it possible to have super narrow shape of handlebar out line.

The one piece base clamp gains more stiffness against the concentration of the rotative force.
It could mount on '04up sportster's top bridge(39mm) with head light visor.

It comes with
* Clamp bolts and nuts(5/16-18 SUS)
* Riser bolts and nuts (1/2-13 SUS)

If you shorten your handle bar by welding, please make sure it's straight. Distorted bar may cause the breakage of the clamp.