1172 Derby Cover for BIG TWIN - Radial Fin BLACK

NT$ 5,500
分期 每期金額
分 3 期
NT$ 1,833
分 6 期
NT$ 917


此款五孔離合器邊蓋除了 16 年後的巡航車款及 Milwaukee-Eight 引擎車款,1999 年至 2017 年大部分的 Big Twin 車款都適用!

唯 2006 年後的Dyna、2007 年後的 Softail 以及 2007-2015 的 Touring 車款,請另外購買哈雷原廠 25416-99C 墊圈安裝(如圖所示)

Thickness is about 25mm.
Fin height is about 4mm.



Enhances the depth effect by radial arrayed fins.
Only outer edges of the fins are polished.

It fits most big twin from 99 to 2017 except Touring model from 2016,Narrow-Profile outer Primary and Milwaukee-Eight.

If you use it on Dyna from 2006,Softail from 2007 and Touring model from 2007 to 2015, please use optional gasket or Harley-Davidson genuine parts 25416-99C. The Derby cover from these model has a groove for O-ring (shown in picture).

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